Ronan Donnelly


Ronan has been actively investing in real estate for over 20 years with experience covering multifamily investing as both a limited and general partner, single family rentals, lending to fix-and-flippers, mortgage note investing and rehab projects. Ronan pursued his real estate career in parallel to running a global delivery organization of over 350 people and $80m+ revenue for a suite of complex, mission critical, enterprise scale software products used for trading in the financial markets.

Joe Fairless

Board Member

Joe Fairless, controls over $300,000,000 worth of real estate in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth regions. A native Texan, Joe grew up in Fort Worth and graduated from Texas Tech University. He has been investing in real estate since 2008 and, prior to that, was the youngest vice president at an award-winning advertising agency. He is also the host of the world’s longest running daily real estate podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever, where he has interviewed guests such as Barbara Corcoran and Robert Kiyosaki.


8 Things You Might Not Know About Ronan

  • 1Arrived at multifamily investing having built a portfolio of single family homes acquired after the great recession, invested in mortgage notes and offered loans to fix-and-flippers. The conclusion was that syndicated investments in multifamily apartments was the optimal investment as it used leverage, was passive, benefitted from economies of scale, was valued based on fundamentals and enjoyed all of the tax advantages of ownership of physical real estate
  • 2Grew up in Northern Ireland, has lived in London and New York and often gets asked by everyone, except New Yorkers, which city he likes best
  • 3Won a transatlantic yacht race which included an encounter with hurricane Gustav off the Grand Banks, having never sailed before. Talk about a compressed lesson in teamwork, facing fear and appreciating food that is not powdered
  • 4His biggest passion is Formula One motor racing having started watching the sport in the late 80’s during the Senna-Prost rivalry. Unlike the New York vs. London debate, Ronan is happy to share that Senna was the greatest driver of all time
  • 5Cares about wealth generation for his investors because wealth can enable people to live more fulfilled lives and to create opportunities for others
  • 6Loves the intense, singular mental focus that comes about when moving at great speed whether it be sliding down a mountain on a snowboard or gliding around a twisty bend on a motorcycle
  • 7Has been entrepreneurial from an early age. These entrepreneurial ventures included selling refreshments after school play time, organizing a graduation celebration for his university faculty, designing a toaster at the age of 12, many elements of which got included in a model released 20 years later and selling posters at US universities at the start of term. His Northern Irish accent resulted in a lot of invites to parties on campus!
  • 8Is grateful for the work that the brave volunteers at Doctors Without Borders do, to ease the suffering of innocent victims of catastrophe, all around the world

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